Natalia Janusic: From Poland to Bollywood.  The beautiful Polish girl conquers the screens

A girl with a lot of feelings and big dreams that she managed to achieve. Suffice it to mention that she was the first Polish actress to receive an Indian film award, and that a Greek businessman recently paid $1 million for a charity dinner with a 31-year-old!

She was born in Bielsko-Biała. From here she set out for fame and money, but on this express train she remained modest and her heart was great for the needy. Before her debut in the salons of Warsaw, she represented Poland 40 times at international beauty contests.

In 2012, during one of the competitions, she was noticed in Bangkok and in the same year she played the main role in a Bollywood movie. Then came more Bollywood roles and American productions. Natalia, despite her international fame, is a frequent guest in the salons of Warsaw, but in conversations with journalists she usually talks about her charitable work and professional challenges.

Natalia Januzek: $1 million a night

Almost everyone knows that showing business in Poland is a paradox. Jobs are created by those who do nothing or film dramas and live on the edge. Those who have achieved international success are mentioned casually or not at all. The best example of this is Natalia Janusik, who has had an amazing career in Bollywood several years ago and has been playing the main roles right from the start, and her reach on Instagram has been impressive.

Hardly any Polish celebrity can boast of more than a million people. The actress has just returned from Cannes where she promoted her latest movie, “Idol”. “This is a Spanish-Finnish production in which I played a young Spanish woman. A very interesting story and a wonderful script,” revealed Natalia, who performed at Cannes much better than international stars. The actress appeared in a white dress by the duo Rogowskie Desing, which perfectly emphasized her petite figure. Straight from Cannes, Sabrina Pilewicz attended the event, and bet on all black.

Natalia Janushek is doing international work! Polish girl conquers Bollywood

Natalia Janoszyk: Will the Bollywood star also shine in Poland?

Alexandra Siudowska / AKPA

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