NASA's mission to the sun.  The Parker Solar Probe will almost land on a star

This will be a huge achievement for all of humanity, says Dr. Nour Rawafi, one of the scientists working on NASA's groundbreaking mission. The Parker Solar Probe is expected to fly so close to the Sun that it will act as a “starfall.”

Record approach to the sunWhich is scheduled to take place on December 24 next year, and is being compared to the 1969 moon landing.

Parker Solar Probe nearly lands on the star

Owned by NASA Parker Solar Probe It is supposed to fly by the star at a speed of 195 km/s, i.e More than 700 thousand km/h. Any object moving at that speed will overtake it The route from New York to London In less than 30 seconds.

Only the probe will be found 6.1 million kilometers from the Sun. That's only 4 percent. The distance between Earth and the star. “We're about to land on a star,” said Parker, the co-author of the project. Light Raouafi.

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– This will be a tremendous achievement for all of humanity. This is equivalent Moon landing in 1969. – a scientist from the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory told the BBC.

The Parker Solar Probe was launched in 2018. Its mission is to: Frequent and increasingly frequent flights closer to the Sun.

The goal is to gain leading-edge knowledge

Scientists hope that the data collected during the mission will help gain groundbreaking knowledge in some areas The main processes that occur on the Sun.

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The strategy is to get in quickly and get out quickly by making Solar environment measurements Using a set of tools placed behind a thick heat shield,” we read.

The main feature of the flight on December 24 will be The time the probe remains in the solar corona (the top of the atmosphere), Much longer than any previous flight.


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