NASA will stop communicating with missions to Mars

NASA is currently carrying out several missions on the surface of Mars. There are two types of roving vehicles named on the surface curiousity I determination. Then we have an Insight landing and a little creativity helicopter. In addition, there are orbits in the orbit of the red planet. The agency will have to suspend assignments for the time being.

NASA said it plans Suspension of mission communications for two weeks on Mars. The break will happen From 2 to 16 October. This is due to the current position of the red planet in relation to the Earth. The sun will stand in the way of communication. Mars will face each other and this happens every two years. Will call back in two weeks.

Photo: NASA

NASA explains that the suspension of communications will be mutual. This means that commands and commands will not be sent to devices on Mars. The same applies to calling in reverse, so the agency will not send data and images back to Earth.

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