NASA will send an “artificial star” into space for what reason?

NASA is preparing for a new mission that it wants to complete at the end of this decade. The moment the project is realized, then A new “artificial star” will appear in the night sky.

NASA wants to complete the mission Th 2029 p. For this purpose, it will be sent into space A satellite called Landolt. Ultimately, it’s supposed to “hang on.” The amount is 35.4 thousand Polish zlotys km above the roof Land. Is this a lot or a little? For comparison, the International Space Station orbits at an altitude of about 400 kilometers. However, the average distance to the Moon is 384.4 thousand. how much.

The Landolt satellite will not be bright enough to be seen from Earth with the naked eye. You will be able to get it though Seen using telescopes. This means that in the night sky it will look like another star, even though it is not actually a star.

The US agency wants it this way Help calibrate telescopes on the ground. Once in orbit, Landolt will fire eight onboard lasers toward the planet. The telescopes will observe the “artificial star” within the same framework of scientific objectives. Then the notes will remain Compared to about 60 real stars.

This will allow more accurate cataloging of star brightness with respect to currently available measurements. This, in turn, will enable more accurate determination of other features of this type of object. Including their age and size.

The mission may also play an important role in the search for habitable exoplanets. The search for Earth 2 continues and for this purpose NASA wants to build astronomical methods Habitable Worlds Observatory Telescope. A mission with the Landolt satellite may allow a better determination of the energies emitted by stars, and thus also their effect on nearby planets. Astronomers also see potential here in studying the expansion of the universe.

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