NASA reveals when and how many days astronauts will spend on Mars

US space agency He no longer makes big plans regarding colonization of mars. Currently, scientists are developing hundreds of projects that make these unrealistic visions come true before our eyes. The agency does not hide that the first people will return to the moon and live there permanently on the first bases, and only then will the first flight to Mars take place.

The latest news shows that the man will put his feet up red planet In the year 2040. At least the ones that NASA will send there. SpaceX can certainly do it faster, but as announced Elon Muskthe colonists would have little chance of returning to Earth.

Back to NASA’s plans, The journey back and forth to Mars is expected to take about 500 days. This will be the most extreme part of the entire trip. Scientists are considering sending human terminators, which you are not afraid of Long term insulation Insecurity is everywhere.

NASA specialists also announced how much time the four astronauts will spend on the surface of this inhospitable planet. It’s supposed to be around 30 days. It’s quite a lot, but that’s all it takes to create there Basic conditions for building a colony And conduct the most comprehensive research in this world in human history.

When the astronauts land on Mars, about 25 tons of supplies and equipment will be waiting for them, which will be enough for a month of their stay. It is delivered there by an independent supply ship. probably will be Spacecraft by Elon Musk.

The billionaire recently confirmed his plans to send humans to Mars by the end of this decade. As mentioned earlier, this may be a one-way trip for them, but there is no shortage of people who will agree to it without hesitation, as Musk himself stated.

SpaceX has been working on life support technologies for colonists for some time. Musk also wants to build underground bases and tunnels to connect them on Mars to his company’s drilling machines Boring Company. At the same time, the billionaire admitted that he might not live to see colonization as fast as he would have liked.

Regardless, he says, the process should start now, before it’s too late. An asteroid can cook us at any time cosmic apocalypseSo we must have a spare planet in order to become Mars.

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