March 21, 2023


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"Idziemy (we are going - ang.)" - to hasło, którego NASA używa przed startem rakiety Space Launch System. Bezzałogowa misja na orbitę Księżyca ma wystartować w poniedziałek 29 sierpnia około godz. 14:33-16:33 polskiego czasu. Naukowcy twierdzą, że misje księżycowe mają kluczowe znaczenie dla programu lotów kosmicznych z załogą - podaje portal

NASA returns to the moon. Final countdown to the start of Artemis quest 1

“We’re Going” – this is the slogan used by NASA before the launch of the Space Launch System rocket. The unmanned mission to lunar orbit is scheduled to take off on Monday, August 29 at around 2:33 – 16:33 Poland time. Scientists say lunar missions are critical to the manned spaceflight program, reports.

NASA’s most powerful SLS rocket since the Space Shuttle debuted on the Artemis 1 missionHow long would it take to fly to the moon? ORION ship. Preparations for the project began in mid-August, and the launch site is the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

At approximately 4:00 am Polish time, the team will decide to begin the procedure for refueling the missiles. The success of this project will depend primarily on Weather forecast and potential technical problems.

This is the future in which NASA will land on the moon with the first female and the first non-white person. And during these increasingly complex missions, astronauts will live and work in space and develop science and technology to do just that Sending the first humans to Mars – Said about the Artemis mission Bill Nelson, NASA Administrator at a press conference.

As emphasized Bill Nelson, this unmanned flight, in which Orion will orbit the Moon before returning to Earth, is designed to help resolve any issues with the spacecraft before putting people on board.

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If the mission is successful, the next launch of the Artemis program will be scheduled for 2024. It will be a manned flight, but it has not yet landed on the moon. The astronauts’ landing journey is scheduled to begin in 2025.