January 28, 2023


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NASA photographed the north pole of Jupiter's moon for the first time

NASA photographed the north pole of Jupiter’s moon for the first time

Juno is a recently celebrated space probe The tenth anniversary of the mission. It has been near Jupiter for several years. This week, NASA bragged about an important discovery related to Giant gaseous atmosphere. Now we have a chance to see a photo of one of the planet’s most interesting moons.

NASA has released a new image from the Juno probe showing Europe. Show picture The North Pole of the Moon A ship captured Jupiter from a distance About 80 thousand km. This is the first time we can see this region of the object in an image. Next year, the agency plans to fly as close to Europe by ship — a few hundred miles above the surface.

Photo: NASA/SwRI/MSSS/Andrea Luck

Europe in the image from the Juno probe – the North Pole is visible for the first time

Europe is depicted in the past, but never from this perspective. The Voyager probe took the first “close-up” image of the moon. Then also the Galileo spacecraft, which explored Jupiter between 1995 and 2003. NASA says the object may be hiding some simple life forms. That’s why I want to study it better As part of the Europa Clipper mission.

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