NASA Perseverance has uploaded more images from Mars

Perseverance has been uploaded so far to Mars two samples. By the way, hit Record when driving independently. Now we have the opportunity to see the new self-portrait taken by the rover on the surface of the Red Planet. NASA released two images taken on September 10.

It was the 198th Mars day of the Perseverance mission. I did the rickshaw A series of 57 photos Next to the rock called “Rochet”. It was manufactured using a WATSON (Wide-Angle Operations and Electronics Engineering Topographical Sensor) camera. Then NASA specialists put them together and in this way we have the opportunity to see the combined selfies.

Perseverance has been on Mars for more than half a year. The rover has covered a distance of more than 2.5 km. The machine will play a very important role in the mission of obtaining materials from the Red Planet for research on Earth. Over time, some samples will be launched into orbit and will be intercepted by a probe flying towards our planet.

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