NASA launched the futuristic engines of the Psyche probe

NASA launched the Psyche probe in October 2023 aboard a SpaceX rocket. The ship sets out on a multi-year journey to the asteroid belt, where its mission target is located. The American agency was informed of this Futuristic engine launchwhich was installed on the probe.

The probe is equipped with a special engine with a very futuristic appearance, which can be seen in the attached illustration. here they are Electric hall motors, the operation of which is based on the production of propulsion by driven xenon particles. The drive in Psyche is of the type Magnetic.

At the time of publication, NASA claimed that the Psyche probe was moving at approximately 135,000 km/h. Ultimately, the drive will allow the ship to accelerate significantly – to the horizontal Up to 360 thousand km/h. The mission aims to reach a target in the asteroid belt outside Mars Th 2029 p. It will spend at least two years studying the object, which is likely a minor planet, or the proto-planet’s core.

The use of similar engines is nothing new, and in fact, NASA began testing this type of solution even before the Apollo lunar program. The ion engine was tested as early as 1964.

NASA first chose ion propulsion on Deep Space 1 in 1998 to test different solutions for future space missions. The first scientific project to use such engines was the Dawn project in 2007.

These types of solutions are more durable than traditional motors because they have no moving parts. They are also lighter and require less fuel, making them ideal for installation on small ships.

It is worth noting that NASA is constantly searching for new propulsion solutions that will shorten space missions. We recently told you about the technology financing project within Innovative Innovative Concepts, which was selected Pulse plasma missile. There is a lot of potential in a solution that enables this Shortening trips to Mars to only 60 days It will allow missions farther into the solar system.

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