NASA: Huge amount of oxygen on the moon.  Enough for all the people of the earth

Scientists at Southern Cross University conducted a study of lunar regolith, the dust that spreads on the surface. It turns out that it contains up to 45 percent oxygen. That is, everywhere Silver Globe There is only that It will be enough for all mankind (8 billion people) for 100,000 years. This is great news for the natural satellite colonization of our planet.

Interestingly, recently there was information that oxygen on the Silver Globe comes from Earth. This astonishing discovery is yet another confirmation of the fact that the Earth’s atmosphere includes not only moonBut it goes further than that. Scientists believe that oxygen and water move there when the Silver Globe is close to Earth. It’s not entirely clear how this happens, but scientists believe that oxygen and water are blown from Earth’s atmosphere onto the moon’s surface by solar wind.

The United States, Europe and the Australian Space Agency are already planning to send two robots to the lunar surface Obtaining oxygen from soil and rocks. This task will not be difficult, because the process is similar to the production of aluminum. slim shape Alumina The power is connected and then turned on by electrolysis The oxygen is separated from the aluminum.

Electricity wouldn’t be a problem on the moon. NASA is ready Nuclear reactors the name of the thing kilopowerIt would be possible to obtain hydrogen from water ice. It will also come into use solar farms. The natural satellite of our planet has neither a lack of free space nor an atmosphere, so getting energy from the Sun is much more efficient than from the Earth.

The latest discovery gives hope for a much faster discovery colonization of the moonthan we thought so far. We keep our fingers crossed for this. You must become human as soon as possible interplanetary civilization and colonization of the Moon, Mars, and other bodies that cross the Solar System. In this way, we will protect our human race from a cosmic catastrophe in the form of a cosmic rock impact. Scientists warn that it is not a question of whether or not, but when it will be.

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