NASA already knows what it takes to make food on Mars.  Looks scary – O2

According to Interestin Gengineering, Meal Development, which can be consumed by people residing on Mars, deal with for example NASA, JAXA and the European Space Agency. For this purpose, organizations have started cooperation with representatives of the food industry.

What will Martians eat? Amazing technology

Space agencies don’t just focus on the status of astronauts residing on the Red Planet. Meals prepared for people on long space missions are also a problem.

One proposed solution is to process plastic into edible products. It is likely that a 3D printer will be used to produce it. The author of this innovation is Anja Contractor – the scientist wanted the astronauts to be able to eat individual meals in conditions of microgravity.

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What you see (image below – editor’s note) is a fully converted shipping container. On one side there is plastic waste that will be shredded. Ultimately, they will end up in a bioreactor with very specific modified bacteria, as explained by Anja Contractor (Interestin Gengineering).

The modified bacteria eat the plastic and turn it into biomass. In turn, this can be transformed to produce different tissues of the chosen hues.

So if you wanted to make a whole steak out of plastic, the whole mechanism on one side of this machine would be able to pop it out of the plastic. In this way, for example, a chicken breast can also be made – confirmed Anja Contractor (Interestin Gengineering).

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