Napoli is ready to boycott the match.  they warn.  Football 'disgusting'

Italian media writes that SSC Naples I am ready to stop the match to make it clear that this is still a problem in Italy. This form of protest aims to open a discussion about racism. All because of the events that occurred during the last match of the team Luciano Spalletigo with Fiorentina.

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Coulibaly, Osimhen and Anguise were insulted on racial grounds. The players made a plea. Will the whole team react?

– Shall we take care of the monkey? Come here and do it again,” Kaliudou Coulibaly exclaimed shortly after he finished his DAZN interview. The SSC Napoli defender quickly responded to the slogans chanted by Fiorentina fans after the last game in league. Their team lost 1: 2 to SSC Napoli. Victor Osimhen and Zambo Anguisa also insulted the players.

“Fuck** and the monkey. That’s what they called me. It has nothing to do with sports. They should be caught and taken off the court: forever.” – Books to meet on Twitter Kalidou Coulibaly. He also described the strange situation at the Florence stadium on his social media Victor Osimhen. “Talk to your children, your parents. Make them understand how terrible it is to hate someone because of the color of their skin. Not for Racism“- wrote the SSC Napoli striker.

Fiorentina apologizes for the behavior of the fans. “We condemn this behaviour.” The case was transferred to the police

The day after the match in Italian Serie A An official statement was issued AC Fiorentina. The club’s chief executive, Joe Barron, condemned the fans’ behavior while chanting racist slogans. – We condemn such behavior. The Fiorentina manager personally apologized to the club SSC Naples And the players who fell victim to those rude and unacceptable chants that followed the final whistle, according to the statement.

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Fiorentina authorities also wrote that the case was referred to the police. The club also provided all materials that would make it possible to identify people shouting racial insults. – Fiorentina They will be banned from entering the stadium in the hope that other clubs will do the same – he added. Fiorentina also hope that such penalties will become the norm.

This was not the first time that Italian fans had insulted football players on a racial basis. several years ago AC Milan players left the stadium as slogans of this kind were directed at Kevin-Prince Boateng. The position on the clash between Verona and Brescia in 2019 also had an echo. At the time, Mario Balotelli was about to walk off the field for the same reason.

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