Music Re-Release |  When Vulgar Machins saluted the anarchy

“I salute anarchy / I believe in democracy too much. Twenty four forty (1998), his debut album. As the release of a box office compilation of all of his recordings approaches, Guillo Burgart and Mary-Eve Roy recall the temporary birth of one of Quebec’s most important punk groups.

Released yesterday at 6:00 p.m.

Dominic Late

Dominic Late

Photo provided by the team

Matthew Lecors, Guilm Purecord, Maxim Purecord and Mary-Ave Roy during group photography since 1996

The first demo shows the two leaders of the Vulgaires Machins, 18, in the summer of 1996, occupying the home of Dad and Mom Beauregard, who went on a trip to record with Maxime Beauregard (bass) and Mathieu Lecours (drums). Life is beautifulAlmost impossible to find before last December, the 33 rpm recording brought together a very rare cassette (on page A) and Twenty four forty (B on page). Galet is the author of Vinyl Anthology and Felix P. This is the preface to Desfoss’s book, which is expected at the end of March.

“We were naive, we did not know what we were doing, but we still wanted to be a real band. We did not know how to record, but we did it,” Guillaume Beauregard recalled in Gronby about his first home studio experience rue Déragon. There was a beauty in it, a lightness in it, “says Mary-Eve.

We tried to create a professional studio setting, but we knew nothing. We had a friend who studied at the Mustechnic, but he was rotten. It was a mess, but it was so awesome because we were actively doing it.

Guillaume Beauregard

Photo provided by the team

Guillaume Beauregard during registration Life is beautifulIn 1996


Guillaume and Marie-eve played briefly on the cover band of Ramones, Green Day and NOFX (“It’s Not Enough for Us”) since they were 16, when they founded Comic Snuff. Night. The excitement caused by the single song in French on the show, Hole-in-oneDespite the disorder referred to by this ridiculous idea, their translation convinces them to drop the dictionary: playing punk in a language other than bad religion.

The song in question, originally written by Guillo, echoes the grievances of the minibut follower, who was annoyed to see his friends immersed in golf (or something). “I found the recipe,” the musician jokes today, despite the understandable pride – on the first try, we’ve already heard it very embarrassing. He was a major figure in the group’s performances in and around Cronby. The rehearsal rooms in and around the Rue Guy are filled with alternative bands with names for sleeping outside, such as Thursty Flow, Golf, Crispy, Melstrom and Jalo-Pia.

Photo by Phironois Roy, La Press Archives

Les Vulcarees machines in the metropolis during the Francofolies de Montreal in 2010

Life is beautiful Also contains the first version of the play Western peopleCooling backbone of this planet’s most privileged blind crime, VM’s immortal to this day – “We are Westerners / We are rotten inside”.

After a geography lesson at CEGEP, in which he took up the shameless exploitation of the comforts of the American continent, Mary-Eve wrote the first couple. “Here’s Dr. Fatalist next door, pointing to Guilloma and adding a chorus. This is our first collaboration. ⁇

Heirs of Bukovsky and Jakart

Although their initial skill is sometimes quite absurd (Cannibal dryer), Life is beautiful Already these values ​​are in the germ, through which Walker will see the world die. The quartet immediately seemed to be driven by a cynical tendency to influence the destiny of the planet through their music (Song for sale), A pessimism always contradicts the existence of his angry songs.

Robert Mylex, Press Archives

Guillaume Beauregard and Marie-eve Roy in September 2002

According to Quilm, this tension cannot be better explained by two authors who are “very oriented to the identity of the band and at the same time very humane.” Misanthrophic, another believing in the ability to express the best of his contemporaries. Guillo and Mary-Eve recalled attending the French Writers’ Conference in Czechoslovakia. “We were just going to be there to see David Bowie. ⁇

During another type of event – after a Grimskung show – Mary-Eve presented her band’s demo to singer Franz Schuller. The first creation of the Quebec Alternative Rock was preparing to burn its record label, Indica Records.

Can’t find it: “The cassette got stuck in the radio of their tourist van. They listened to it with no other option and ended up liking it. Because of the number of PureGord families listed on the card, Grimskung was able to locate the first members of its station.

From album to album, Valkyrie Machines gets on strike power, fans, exploding. Count the bodies In 2006. The band, haunted by a sense of adherence to a formula, went dormant in 2014, returning to the stage only twice at Rockfest in 2016 and Francois in 2019. The news fell two weeks ago: next November, when VM will resume, everywhere in Quebec, inside the caravan made of anti-flag and Hugo hair.

Photo by Kelly Jacobs, crew

Current Vulgar Machines List

“When I think about it for a couple of minutes, it’s sensible and clear / it’s complicated, but possible / millions of fools, but the cause gets proof,” Guilloom and Mary-Eve declared. Count the bodies, Their dark song, this is their bright song. Is their faith still as vibrant as ever?

This is insane because today we are experiencing climate change, experiencing problems of social inequality and everyone understands that the health system is in disarray. Everyone knows. There is a case of pain in the face, the cause is known. Everyone understands, but we continue to do the same because we do not know how to get out of it.

Guillaume Beauregard

Wouldn’t punk be more effective in this sense than ever before? “We start creating music with social involvement and we tell ourselves that it will be a vehicle to change the world,” Guillo explains. But, looking back, I have the impression that we paid too much for an energy and did good to people who could experience rebellion like us. ⁇

“As human beings, what transforms us is what touches us,” Mary-Eve observes. I think we touched people. ⁇

Life is beautiful / twenty four forty


Life is beautiful / twenty four forty

Bad things

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