Multiversus with character selection screen display.  Batman will face Gandalf and Bugs Bunny

New details emerge from a mysterious platform brawl from Warner Bros. One of the players decided to show the character selection screen and the recorded material in detail, but the company blocked the film. For many, this is the best confirmation of the details provided.

Producers and publishers usually don’t react to ridiculous leaks, but when a company starts blocking material and sending requests to remove films or graphics, we can always talk about a clear situation. It happened like this an hour ago, when Hungrybox posted an article on “Warner Bros. Multiversus.”

His video has been removed because it contains “content” that is copyrighted by Warner Bros. In this case, the interested person decided to submit the drawings from the character selection screen.

“Everyone thought I was lying?

Warner Bros. Multiversus

Character selection screen. It seems that there are levels and icons for the type of fighter.

– steven universe
-Adventure time
-Batman/Harley Quinn
-Superman / WW
– Gandalf
-Rick and Morty
-Tom & Jerry
Rabbit flea
– New character (top left)

However, players have no doubts – Warner Bros. Unmistakable and we can prepare for a new corporate game show.

“Way to prove it without a doubt, WB. Very clever.”

Meanwhile, Jeff Grubb spoke about the game, who stated that according to insiders – the title looks “cheap”, it could offer a free business model for the two games and in the future we will have to buy more warriors in the form of DLC.

Grubb has just released some new details about the upcoming platform brawl from Warner Bros. , Multiversus

– Source: “Looks cheap”
– It may be a free-to-play title
– Future characters will be sold as DLC
– The first DLC warrior might be Warner Bros.’ LeBron James

First time about the project We wrote at the beginning of the week.

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