Muhammed Khalidov's firm appeal.  "I had enough"
Muhammed Khalidov is looking forward to his next fight. The 41-year-old Polish MMA icon is once again ready to cross the threshold of the largest Polish organization. The middleweight champion appeals to KSW.

Waldemar Osovsky

Muhammed Khalidov

WP SportoweFakty / Mateusz Czarnecki / Pictured: Mamed Chalidow

In an interview with Michał Rogoziński of 6PAKTV, Khalidov said: – I am tired of this waiting. KSW, wake up! Give me a fight because I’m getting old. Macyek, Martin, I’m waiting for a fight proposal! Who should I fight?

Arrachion’s Olsztyn last fought on October 10, 2020. In the evening fight, KSW 55 actually shot Scott Askim and knocked out the Englishman in the first round. The Polish actor again won the championship belt in the middle class.

Who could be Khaldov’s next competitor? His third encounter with Askham was the most talked about. The formidable Roberto Soldyck (Welterweight Champion) is also eager to duel with the Polish MMA star. First, however, “Robocop” must defend the title and on September 4th they will face Patrick Kinkle in the main match of KSW 63.

Muhammed Khalidov has been fighting professionally in MMA since 2004. Three years later, he signed a contract with KSW. His professional record is 37 wins, 7 losses and 2 draws.

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