February 3, 2023


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Mucha saw the second grade homework.  "I Lie" - O2

Mucha saw the second grade homework. “I Lie” – O2

Ana Mucha is bringing up two children. She is the mother of 11-year-old Stefania and eight-year-old Theodore. The actress cares about the privacy of her children and does not expose them to the Internet.

However, she often talks about motherhood behind the scenes. While speaking to “Viva!” In 2019, she confirmed that helping children learn was a real issue for her.

At the same time, she explains that her biggest hurdle is math. She also revealed that she doesn’t digest this element even on a basic level.

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Ana Mucha was unable to help the eight-year-old

Recently, the actress had to tackle a mathematical assignment that her son, Theodore, had a problem with. This time, my mother was not able to guarantee him enough help. Via Instagram, she revealed that the math puzzle defeated her. Who knows, maybe she was counting on the support of netizens.

There are 25 tea bags in a package. 7 bags were used for dinner. How many tea bags are left? How many bags are left over used? How many used bags are less than the remaining? – We read the content of the assignment.

The fly explained that it was unable to handle it. Visibly upset at the situation, she added, “Second grade of elementary school. I’m lying… ps. I’m still waiting for the moment when sine, cosine, tangent, and tangent will come in handy for me.”