Mucha and Rosenk wear underwear on a Patrick Vega movie poster.  The controversial graphics are gone, but nothing is lost on the Internet

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work on the group the movie Patrick Vega The film “Love, Sex and the Epidemic”, which was initially the working title “Love in the Time of the Plague”, began in 2020. The film received an official trailer that immediately caused a sensation. The project will be shown in theaters on Valentine’s Day next year. The foreseeability of the controversy is illustrated, for example, by the production poster that appeared on the Web, but quickly disappeared from it.

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Małgorzata Rozenek is afraid of the premiere of the movie “Vega” with her participation. why?

Actors flaunted a new Patrick Vega movie poster, but the artwork is gone

It has long been known that whatever you find at boarding school stays there forever. Therefore, it was useless to remove the label the movie “Love, Sex and the Epidemic” from social networking sites. We can see part of the cast in the drawing. It would not have been surprising, if not for the fact that the poster consisted of bold images of actors. for example Anna Mucha I Małgorzata Rozenek, and he stars Production, make up in their underwear. Judge for yourself.

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Some actors bragged about a poster on social media Graphics It has been removed. This sparked a wave of Internet users’ speculation. Some questioned if this was the official poster for Patrick Vega’s production, while others claimed that the director was unhappy with the graphic designer’s work and decided to change the project. Patrick Vega hasn’t mentioned it officially yet.

Recently, Małgorzata Rozenek-Majdan spoke about the film.

On December 13, in Gdynia, I met the creators of the production and my colleagues on the set. We will talk about the role of a woman in a Polish film based on the movie “Love, Sex & Pandemic”. Quite frankly? I am very afraid of all this, really … I will go to the premiere, but I will not watch this movie – she said in an interview with Gossip.

Are you curious what the controversial director will serve viewers on this time?

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