“Mr. Toy” – a remake of the cult French comedy.  look at the pictures!  Live entertainment

“Mr. Toy” is about Alexander, who is the son of a billionaire. The boy has almost everything a child could wish for. His room is a multimedia wonder of technology, which with one click transforms into an outer space full of stars and planets, and a private cinema or games room just a few steps away. However, the boy’s relationship with his father is far from ideal, especially since the man has been raising the child alone for many years. One day, Sami is hired in the company of a billionaire – a kind employee with a very cheerful and cheerful demeanor, who, together with his wife, is soon expecting their first child.

Alexander persuades his father to give him an unusual gift for his birthday. That gift is Sammy, who has been given a new official assignment – to spend time with the spoiled son of a billionaire. Beginnings will be difficult, but soon Alexander will discover that money and things in life aren’t everything. The most important thing is honesty, friendship and good cheer – and Sammy has it all.

“Mr. Toy” – when is the premiere?

Success stars: “Amelia”, “Asterix and Obelix: Mission Cleopatra” and “Asterix at the Olympics” (Jamel Debbouze) and productions: “Let’s get to know each other again” (Daniel Ottowell), “Up Skirts!” (Alice Belaïdi) and “Mikołajka’s Treasure” (Simon Faliu) in this crazy thriller from the author of “Lucky Lucke” – James Huth. It is a remake of the French comedy “Toy” directed by Francis Weber (creator of famous comedies such as “Gossip” and “Dinner for jerks”) from 1976.

The movie “Mr. Toy” will be shown in cinemas from December 30, 2022.

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“Mr. Toy” – a remake of the cult French comedy

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