Mr. Grzegorz: “No one was interested, not even the neighbors next door.”

19:00, 19.09.2023

Grzegorz Cieślak, resident of Mujahideen. Koszarwa in Września saved a 70-year-old woman who had suffered a stroke. – What destroyed me most was the indifference of my neighbors. I personally suffer from cancer and it has affected me greatly, says the September resident.

The incident occurred on the afternoon of August 23 at a new residential property on ul. Kozzarua. An elderly woman, 70 years old, who lives alone, suffered what looked like a stroke. She was already a little paralyzed. She couldn’t scream or call for help. She was just babbling and trying to scream. Only then could you understand that he was asking for help, says Mr. Grzegorz.

In response to this event, neighbors appeared in the windows and balconies of the building where the woman lived. They started asking each other: What’s going on? -I live opposite this lady. I opened the window and heard a woman on the second floor screaming for help. I knew she lived alone because her husband died last year. I ran to her. She managed to open the door, but when she got to her apartment, she was already lying on the floor with her head smashed. I put it in safe mode. I called an ambulance, and resuscitation was almost needed. I was amazed that no one was there but me, even though the apartment door was open and I called for help. No one was interested, not even the neighbors next door. Everyone was in the windows and balconies, but no one reacted. The ambulance arrived. I thought I should tell someone. I took the lady’s phone and made her last call. It turned out to be her granddaughter who arrived when the ambulance was still there – the September resident reported.

Two rescuers were unable to lift the injured woman on a stretcher from the second floor, so they used a sheet. Mr. Grzegorz helped them and called his neighbors to help them. No one reacted. Neighbors received the rescue team downstairs and asked what happened

– I was angry and answered poorly: The tram has arrived – said Grzegorz Cieślak. The circumstances of this event greatly angered him. Mr. Grzegorz has been battling cancer for nine years and may also need help from strangers. That’s why he decided to hang cards in his neighborhood saying: “Don’t be indifferent if you hear a scream or a call for help.” interact! Emergency number 122. Combating social sensitivity.

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