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– We almost forgot about the epidemic, so why does MPK still not allow passengers to sit at the front of the bus – asks an MPK passenger.

Since the beginning of March, due to a decrease in the number of Corona virus infections in Poland Some Covid restrictions have been lifted.

In shops, churches and public buildings, it no longer applies border not immune. Discos and nightclubs have resumed. The possibility of eating meals at the cinema is back.

We are still wearing masksBut the Minister of Health gives hope that abolition of this penalty is only a matter of time.

Bus restrictions remain in place

Despite many examples of a return to normal life, anti-epidemic restrictions are still visible on city buses in Włocławek. in every vehicle Third or fourth in the front seat The vehicle is excluded from use and enclosed in ribbonwhich is marked with the inscription Separate area please do not enter.

There are MPK commuters who can’t wait for it to disappear.

We’ve almost forgotten about the pandemic, so why is MPK still not allowing passengers to sit at the front of the bus. The people are in the masks, the driver is behind the glass, and you can’t sit in the front. There are a lot of people crowding on top of each other, riding in the air in the foreground. What is the purpose of this?

– gets upset MPK riderWho contacted DD about this issue.

Jacob Woźnikowski from MPK He answers that the restrictions on buses will remain. It is difficult to determine the duration.

– We do not plan to abolish driver safety zones in the near future, due to the fact that a relatively large number of coronavirus infections are still registered in our area

Woźnikowski explains.

Restrictions will disappear from 1 April?

And the Minister of Health announced, Thursday, that he had recommended to the Prime Minister to cancel the obligation to wear masks, quarantine and isolation from the beginning of April.

There are many indications that the Prime Minister will accept the request of the Minister of Health. Then the restrictions on wearing masks, quarantine and isolation will remain Canceled from early April.

From here we start Corona virus treatment as a diseasethat exist somewhere in our environment. It’s, of course, dangerous all the time, but we’re increasingly putting it under our controlAnd the

– said Health Minister Adam. Nidzelsky.

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