Movies about hackers – TOP 5, which is safer to watch

We store data, collect information, make friends – we live on the Internet. It’s easy to get lost in it now. Artificial intelligence, which is taking increasingly bold steps, is not making things easier. There is also someone watching all this from the other side – a hacker.

Some of them seek publicity, while others prefer to work from the back seat. But everyone holds it in their hands some force It is up to him how to use it.

date He has already given many examples that inspire filmmakers. future visions Some of them came sooner than expected. Below you will find examples of each of these two categories.

Here are the best movies about hackers: Nerds, nerds, rebels, activists, and action movie masters. You will find them on popular video-on-demand services.

Top 5 movies about hackers:

Matrix (HBO Max, Canal + Premieres, Player, Apple TV +, Chili, Rakuten TV; parts 1 and 4 also available on PLAY NOW)

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films About programmers hackers It wouldn’t be without this classic. The Matrix series is permanently written of its own A place in pop culture and cinema historyform an idea about it Hacker at work.

Neo (Keanu Reeves) In jailbreaking, he turns out to be a real master – after all, what could be more important than The reality of hacking? The hero comes out from behind the desk to dealing with artificial intelligencethat captured the unknown world. On a compensatory mission, he can count on a support group on his head With Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne).

You can find a series of videos on HBO Max.

The Public Enemy (Disney+, Apple TV+, and Chili)

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Movies about hackers against the system are back with “Public Enemy”. One accidental event made what looked like security to life Young lawyer Robert Clayton Dean (Will Smith) They were in ruins. He’ll soon find out when it comes to playing Disclosure of secrets at the highest level of authorityThe citizen becomes a small obstacle – at least in the reality he has defined Tony Scott.

bet in the game Monitoring on an unprecedented scale. All hope in someone Brillo (Gene Hackman)Who is not afraid of any spy techniques.

The movie is available from at Disney +.

The Girl with the Tattoo (Apple TV+, Chili, PLAY NOW, Rakuten TV, Loomi by Opera)

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“The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” is a remake of the Norwegian film based on the best-selling crime novel: Men Who Hate Women by Stieg Larsson. The image of the hacker you play in is created on their pages Rooney MaraAnother one that has stood the test of time.

Extremely smart, rebellious, sensitive and not spared by fate – that’s what she is Lisbeth Salander. when he comes her way Mikael Blomqvist (Daniel Craig) A journalist investigating the case Missing for 40 years is 16-year-old Harriet Fanger All the complexities of her character play a major role.

The address is available at + Apple TV, which you can now test for free!

Who am I, you can be who you want (Cineman)

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actually Anonymous pirate movie? Well, as it turns out, sometimes fantasy isn’t that different from reality.

In a German board created by Parana Bo Odara (“dark”) We get to know Benjamin (Tom Schilling) – A shy young computer geniusWho is facing the opportunity of a lifetime to join the group Pirates dream of world fame. Their goal is to expose Unethical practices in companies and institutions. under these circumstances Enemies are easy to reach. Benjamin will soon find out the hard way.

You can rent productions on Cineman.

Snowden (HBO Max, Player, Play Now, Polsat Box Go, Rakuten TV)

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The best films about a hacker were crowned with “Snowden” – a biographical thriller Oliver Stonewhose hero shook the world on an unimaginable scale.

The most famous whistleblower in history and former CIA and NSA employee – Edward Snowden (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) – He has it on his account He published hundreds of thousands of classified, classified and top secret documents to the US authorities. In black and white, they show that millions of people around the world have fallen victim to American wiretapping, incl Senior politicians and officials. It was supposed to be the number of all classified files that fell into the hands of Snowden 1.7 millionMostly from decisive for the defense of the country.

This title explains his story and the consequences he had to face, against all US services. You will find it for example at Polsat Box Go.

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