Movie stars in Olsztyn.  WAMA Film Festival is about to start
All film screenings will take place at Multikino (Galeria Warmińska). Tickets can be booked from 10.00 on the day of the selected screening through the Multikino reservation system (in the case of shows scheduled on October 9 – from 6:00 pm on the day before the shows. The booking confirmation received must be in hard copy or in electronic form provided to the cinema crew Wama Film Festival badges.
The online reservation system does not apply to Final Gala, admission will be based on invitations, personal IDs and free tickets distributed at the festival office in Multikino from October 5.


from this year Warmia and Mazury Jury Prize It will be named after Anna WasiliuskaThe jury will include: Alexandra Teres, movie player and photographer, Mishaw Bartoshevic, Journalist and publisher of MADE IN Warmia & Mazury and Włodzimierz KowalewskiWriter, screenwriter, assistant to Janusz Majewski on “The Eccentrics or On the Sunny Side of the Street” and “Black Mercedes”

Member of the short film competition jury we will see Leszek David (Chairman of the Jury) Director and Screenwriter, Sandra Drzimalska Film and TV actress (we can see her this year in the Sexify production on Netflix), Norwegian producer and film expert – Evinda Mikleposta Nordengina. a On the jury of the International Co-Production Competition will sit: Kinga Dabska, (Chairman of the Jury) Film director and screenwriter, Andre Wolf, Film player, university lecturer and Ola Salwa Film critic.

a program:

October 5

16:00 – 17:50 Wama Film Festival 2021 Opening Ceremony and Presentation NEW ORDER, dir. Producer Michel Franco. France.

18:10-20:10 Here we are, Der. Nir Bergmannbrod. Israel and Italy

0:25-22:40 start, dir. Dia Kulumbegashviliprod. Georgia, France

6 October

13:00 -15:30 Youth Film Black Sheep Division, Der. Alec Petrzak
The show will be followed by a meeting with the director headed by ukasz Adamski

16:00-17:45 Palada on the White Cow Monastery. Maryam Moghadam, Bahtish Sanihah, production. Iran, France

18:10-20:10 The man who sold his skin, Der. Kawthar Ben Hania, production. Tunisia, France, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Turkey

20:25-22:45 vortex, monastery. Gaspar Neubrod. France, Belgium, Morocco

October 7

4:00 p.m.-5:45 p.m. Searching a rental home, monastery. Mighty sedge, prod. Spain, Netherlands, Germany, USA, Chiled

Aida, dir. Yasmila Shabanek, prod. Poland, Germany, France, Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Turkey, Romania

20:25-23:25 Berlin Alexanderplatz, der. Burhan Qurbanibrod. Germany, Netherlands, France, Canada

October 8

13:00 – 15:10 Youth Film Section
Amateur, dir. Iona Sekierzynska
The show will be followed by a meeting with Wojciech Solar, headed by ukasz Adamski.

15:30-17:15 Short Film Competition
On the Nakba, dir. Agata Korica
CEREMONY, dir. Tadeusz Kabech
POKÓJ, dir. Krzyszek Jankowski
RAISA, dir. Dorota Megas Mazur

17: 15-17: 45 Short Film Competition – Meet the Authors, Moderator: Piotr Czerkawski

18:05-19:50 Short Film Competition
Freedom, dir. Joanna Ronnyak
COFFIN, reż. Yuanqing Kai, Nathan Krabut, Hozi Huang, Mikolaj Janyu, Mandembe Libon, Theo Tran Ngoc
Today night, dir. Katarzyna Sikorska
Do monsters eat kiwis? , monastery. Bowie Podolsky
Abd, Deir. Grzegorz Bekarsky

19: 50-20: 20 Short Film Competition – Meet the Authors, Moderator: Piotr Czerkawski

20:40-22:25 Short Film Competition
Some time in Israel, dir. Veronica Szyma
The nest, dir. Grajjan Pechul
Another whistle, dir. Charles Lindholm
Dog pole, dir. Michalina Musialik
Space, dir. Joanna Szymańska

22:25-22:55 Short Film Competition – Meet the Authors, Moderator: Piotr Czerkawski

October 9

10:15-12:00 Short Film Competition
Before I sleep, dir. Damien Kosovsky
SOWYT, dir. Bartosz Brzezinski
Group Theory, dir. Susanna Karpiska
Dad you never had before, reż.Dominika Łapka

12:00-12:30 Short Film Competition – Meet the Authors, Moderator: Piotr Czerkawski

13:00-13:45 Jubilee Hot and Forged Movie Box
Panel discussion: The Film Fund as a driver for film production in the region Moderator: ŁUKASZ ADAMSKI and BŁAŻA HRAPKOWICZ Special Guests: GUSTAW MAREK BRZEZIN, PIOTR DOMALEWSKI, BOGUMIŁ OSIŃSKI

14:00-15:30 Closing Ceremony of Film Education Programs
Cooperation in the field of Polish-Norwegian film festivals IDA – Innovative Directing Academy MOVE – Visual Education Factory

16:00-18:00 Special Show 1970 Directed by Tomasz Volsky
natural | The discussion was hosted by: PIOTR CZERKAWSKI Guests of Irina Telles-Borchik, ŁUKASZ ADAMSKI

18: 10-20: 10 Collaboration at Polish-Norwegian Film Festivals
AMANDUS FILM FESTIVAL SPECIAL OFFER A retrospective of Norwegian short films

20:30 Closing Ceremony of WAMA Film Festival 2021
AGA ZARYAN Concert at the Warmian-Masurian Orchestra in Olsztyn

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