Movie chase in the streets of Warsaw.  The teenager escaped through Ochota, Italy, and Bimo-and-Prost

Scenes like last Monday’s movie took place in Ochota, Włochy and Bemowo. Moments later at 10 p.m., at the intersection of Alleje Jerozolimsky and Śmigłowca Street, the police wanted to stop the passenger Peugeot driver for a roadside check. The driver ignored the light and sound signals from the officers. He launched himself in a daring escape. As reported by the sergeant. to cut. Jakub Pasiniak, a teenager, was speeding through the streets of Ochota and Włochy in Warsaw, breaking traffic regulations several times, driving at excessive speed and widening the entire road.

By his behavior, the road penetrator endangered pedestrians and people in uniform. One of the policewomen managed to jump to the side of the road at the last moment. The cyclist who was hit by a runaway was also lucky. The woman suffered minor scratches. Only her two-wheeler was damaged. The Peugeot driver’s engine ended in Bemowo at the intersection of ul. The two battalions Chubsky and Lazuru, where he lost control of the passenger car and crashed into a traffic light. This still did not stop the young man. He got out of the car and started running away on foot. After several tens of meters, she was already in the hands of the uniform.

The 17-year-old was already banned from driving

The driver turned out to be 17 years old. The police decided he was wanted and got a driving ban from the court. He was sober at the time of his arrest. Blood was taken for analysis to check for the presence of drugs. Throughout the situation, no one was seriously injured, including one of the detainee’s counterpart in the car.

The 17-year-old heard four counts of the Criminal Code of breaching a judicial ban, failing to stop at a roadside search and actively attacking police officers. The court agreed to the prosecutor’s request for provisional detention for a period of three months. He faces up to 10 years in prison. Proceedings are supervised by the Prosecutor’s Office of the Warsaw Ochota District

According to the regulations, a person who was 17 years old at the time of committing a prohibited act is subject to criminal liability.

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