Most Wanted: The Top Eight Fastest Growing Careers in 2023

The working world is continually evolving and trends that occur every year see certain areas of the employment market experience a real bump while others invariably slump. The factors as to why this happens can be manifold and may be related to the global rise or decline of a particular field or may be related to other factors that are more local.

Whatever the reason or the drivers for these changes, you’ll obviously want to be ahead of the curve if your specific field of expertise is on the slide or moving upwards, or indeed if you work in the HR industry.

Every year the variety and scope of positions that appear on lists of fastest-growing careers adjust, and occasionally, fields and positions you might not have thought will appear. Here are some of the professions that are getting a lot of love right now. Please note this list isn’t in any particular order but represents fields that are very much on high recruitment drives at present.

Human Resources Analytics Manager

Retention is a crucial term right now. The rapid turnover of positions is something that companies, big and small, want to avoid. This is because the relevant costs are very high, and the unpredictability that comes from this ever-shifting workforce isn’t great for the morale of your business as a whole.

Therefore it’s no surprise that HR jobs are very popular right now, and it’s often a crucial component of any company’s business model.

Diversity and Inclusion Manager

In 2023 the push for diversity and equality is as important as ever. Companies that look to represent their approach to this area in a way that pays little more than lip service will soon be found out.

The position of a diversity and inclusion manager is a prized one, and it’s a role that offers real value for a company while also helping to secure the trust and respect of its audience in whatever field the business operates in.

Truck Driver

This may be something of a surprise inclusion on this list and is certainly an occupation unlike any other that is represented, but it is clearly a hugely important aspect of any work chain, and as such, it is something that will always be in high demand.

This field is pretty much untouched by the internet age; indeed, it’s been assisted by massive increases in delivery services, and it’s a job that is now starting to see workers get the kinds of salaries they are worthy of.

Online Campaign Manager

Businesses of all sizes are now more than aware of the benefits of effectively using social media and other online channels to their advantage, and now there is a push to manage their processes better.

So that means having an experienced online campaign manager is hugely important. This might be to make sure that paid advertising efforts are more productive or may be to help secure the services of a top-notch video editor to produce the perfect Instagram story. In other words, this position has a very wide scope but has the potential to be a hugely profitable one for any employer.

Sustainability Analyst

Hopefully, your company or business is serious about its environmentally sound practices. If that’s the case, you’ll want to make sure that your efforts in this area are actually making a difference, as well as not necessarily hampering your bottom line.

Well, this is where a sustainability analyst comes in. They will take a deep dive into your practices and will make recommendations of areas you can improve and seek to mitigate adverse environmental impacts you may be making.

Molecular Technologists

This is a role that may not mean a great deal to anyone who is not familiar with the field of genetics, but it is one that is very much on a steep upward curve in 2023. A molecular technologist, in basic terms, is someone who works with pathologists and scientists to research and diagnose diseases and disorders.

This is something that is usually relevant in the clinical trials and medical research fields, and after the coronavirus pandemic, it is therefore not a massive surprise that such a position may be popular right now.

Employee Experience Manager

It’s not a surprise to find another HR role on this list, and this one is very broad. Basically, an employee experience manager looks to track every aspect of the employment process, from onboarding to the day an individual may leave the company.

It’s all about ensuring the system works smoothly, that workers are happy and productive in their roles and that the whole HR process is smooth, efficient and cost-effective.

You may well have seen such individuals at your company and wondered who they are, as they tend to work a little outside the confines of the HR department, dealing with people on a more individual basis.

Head of Revenue Operations

This is, according to many studies, the fastest-growing job in 2023. It’s a role that requires successful applicants to have upwards of five years of experience before landing such a position.

Essentially this job is all about making sure a company is making money, and this role, according to LinkedIn statistics, has seen a growth of a mind-blowing 80% over the last five years.

This is clearly a high-level senior position and one that requires considerable analytical skills and, preferably, demonstrable experience of success in this area from previous posts. In other words, don’t send off your CV for this role unless you are very, very capable of proving your capabilities for the position.

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