The gaming industry is one of the highest-grossing entertainment sector that continues to break new records and attract even more gamers. Actually, on a global scale there are approximately around 2 billion gamers and obviously this number will go in the future.

But, certain aspects became more popular and successful than others. Below, we will take a look at a main aspects of the gaming sector which are more profitable thanks to various technological innovations.

Mobile Gaming

Mobile gaming is one of the most dominant aspects of the entire gaming industry and it accounts for over 50% of the entire gaming sector’s revenue. This is good evidence that mobile gaming will eventually take over other aspects of gaming.

When it comes to its popularity, since mobile devices today have better performance and capabilities on top of the deployment of 5G networks will create even more opportunities for mobile games to reach new users that want to play online.

That being said, mobile gaming is very popular for other reasons as well including the price of mobile games which is around the $0.80 per average on both the App Store and the Google Play store. Plus, due to the fast production of mobile games there are loads of new games on the market every day, from every possible genre including idle games, educational games, puzzles, action games, racing games, and many other options.

Whatever your preferences may be, there are plenty of options to choose from which are easily accessible free of charge. In addition to that, compared to other games, mobile games are downloadable very quickly, in just couple of seconds. In most instances, you don’t need to wait a lot of time in order to play any game of your choice.


Online casinos in the iGaming sector have achieved huge success as well due to the latest technological innovations that allowed them to create a high-end gaming destination that offer great casino games which are attractive to all kinds of casino players.

For example, it’s very easy just couple of clicks to play casino games in different versions including card and table games. Plus, you can also try your luck with everything from blackjack, baccarat, to craps, Sic Bo, and many other options.

The iGaming sector also achieved better success with the introduction of live casino games that only continue to evolve with technological advancements and create multiple opportunities for casino players to enjoy online gambling in a realistic atmosphere.

On top of that, thanks to the rise of mobile devices in this sector is a far more convenient as well as accessible for anyone to play any casino game on their choice from their smartphones.

VR Gaming

Virtual reality gaming has not reached its peak as of yet but in 2020 ushered us in a new era of VR gaming due to the influx of modern and improved VR headsets. Virtual reality technology is by many experts the future of the gaming because it provides a totally immersive and realistic gaming  atmosphere. So, you can enjoy your favourite games in a VR environment.


In conclusion, the gaming sector is very adaptable to new changes including technological advancements that offer more chances for new demographic of gamers to enjoy gaming non different devices. For example, mobile games are not played strictly by passionate gamers, but mostly by regular mobile users, and casual gamers, that just want to play something for fun. In addition, the option to play in an interactive and immersive VR setting also promotes the growth of this sector.

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