More than half of the combat aircraft of the Black Sea Fleet are out of service

More than half of the combat aircraft of the Black Sea Fleet were closed down as a result of the attack on the Russian Saki airport in the Crimea, Reuters news agency reported, quoting an unidentified Western official.

According to this source, Ukraine is currently achieving a continuous “kinetic effect” deep behind the Russian forces, which materially affects its logistical support and “A great psychological impact on Russia’s leadership.”

On August 12, British military intelligence estimated that, despite the destruction of only a small part of the Russian air fleet in the attack on an airfield in Crimea, the combat capability of the Russian Navy’s aviation was seriously reduced.

According to a Western official The destruction of aircraft in the Crimea had an effect far beyond the “Coastal Defense Fleet”, Which carried out only sporadic missile attacks, and reduced the risk of a ground attack on Odessa.

According to a Reuters interlocutor, the war in Ukraine is now “almost in an operational stagnation” as “the ground forces of either side have not sufficiently focused ground resources for effective offensive actions that could materially affect the course of the war.”

On August 9, as a result of bombing and fire at the base in Novedorivka in the Crimea, several Russian aircraft were damaged or destroyed. The official cause of the accident has not been announced, but it is believed that the attack was carried out by Ukrainian special forces.

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