More than 40 artists in one George Harrison music video

To mark the 50th anniversary of the album’s release All things must pass Director Lance Bangs filmed the music video for the song, by George Harrison My sweet God. Forty artists attended, including Ringo Starr, Mark Hamill, Darren Criss and Fred Armisen.

Vronique Larocque

Vronique Larocque

Clip Mark Hamil (Sister Luke Skywalker In Star Wars) Offers a mission to two secret agents played by Fred Armissen and Vanessa Bayer.

Both are traveling around Los Angeles in search of “something”. After exploring the shelves of a library, Fred Armissen walks into a theater. There are many faces among the moviegoers including the Ringo Star. Humorous wink: Former Beatle gives secret agent a little drum lesson.

“George had a lot of humor in all his clips. So we kept that feeling. These actors have some of his friends and fans, many of whom are from the comedy scene,” Lance Bangs said in an interview. advertisement board.

“Creating this music video has been the most rewarding experience of my life,” he added.

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