Maturzyści złożyli w tym roku wnioski o wgląd do ponad 30,4 tys. ocenionych arkuszy egzaminacyjnych. Najczęściej z języka polskiego na poziomie podstawowym, z matematyki na poziomie podstawowym, biologii, chemii i z polskiego na poziomie rozszerzonym – przekazała CKE.

This year, high school graduates submitted applications to reach more than 30.4 thousand. The prescribed examination papers. Mostly in Polish at basic level, in mathematics at basic level, biology and chemistry and in Polish at advanced level, CKE is provided.

Every high school graduate may apply to the relevant provincial examination committee for access to his assessed work. He may take a photo of the exam paper. If he has objections to the assessment, he has the right to apply for verification to the Director of the District Examination Committee. After consideration of the application, the manager may change or maintain the rating.

If the high school graduate still doubts the result of the matura exam, he should submit an appeal to the Examination Arbitration College. It is made up of experienced examiners who are experts in a particular field of science. The appeal must be submitted within 7 days of receiving information from OKE about the score check result. The application may only relate to the evaluation of tasks that have not been positively verified by OKE. Although the application is formally addressed to the Director of the Central Examinations Committee, it must be submitted to the Internal Regional Examinations Committee.

The application has been reviewed by OKE. The OKE Administrator may accept the entire appeal, or only a portion of the response, or not accept it at all. Any answers that you do not accept shall be referred to the Central Examination Committee. The director of the CKE shall refer them to the Faculty of Exam Arbitration.

In the appeal to the examination jury, candidates are asked to indicate specific tasks in which they do not agree with the decision of the OKE Director on the test score, and to justify their opinion by explaining the objective correctness of the task solution and its compliance with the instructions.

What is the date of the trial exam 2023? CKE announced schedule

As reported by the Director of the Central Examination Committee, Marcin Smolek, in 2022, candidates submitted OKE applications for access to 30,418 examination papers. After the inspection, the high school graduates asked the director of OKE to check the total points awarded by the examinees in the case of 9136 papers. After the total score was checked by the second examiner appointed by the OKE director, the OKE directors decided to change the score in the case of 2,198 papers. This is the case on August 18 this year.

Most often, high school graduates applied for papers on the Polish language at the basic level – they made 5,439 applications for access. 2158 applications were submitted to check the total points obtained in the Polish examination at the basic level. OKE 383 directors issued a decision to change the outcome.

A large number of applications for access to working papers were also submitted: Mathematics at the basic level, Biology, Chemistry and Polish at the advanced level.

5,390 applications were submitted to access the Beginner Mathematics Exam Papers. Requests to check the total score obtained in the mathematics exam at the basic level were submitted to 1240. The directors of OKE 101 issued a decision on changing the score.

5305 applications were submitted for biology examination papers, applications for verification of the total score obtained in biology examination were submitted to 2076. OKE directors issued 569 decision to change the result.

4,831 applications were submitted for the chemistry exam papers, 1100 applications were made to check the total points obtained in the chemistry exam, and 409 OKE managers issued a decision to change the score.

Applications for access to the Polish language examination papers at the extended level were submitted until 2046. Applications to check the total points obtained in the Polish language examination at the expanded level were submitted to 844. The directors of OKE issued 145 decisions on the change of score.

After receiving the negative decision from the director of OKE, some high school graduates asked the Examination Arbitration College to check the score of the 911 exam tasks. The members of the faculty decided to award points for solving a particular task in 33 cases, mostly in the field of the Polish language at the basic level – 8 tasks – and in science Biology at the advanced level – 7 tasks. This is the case for August 26 this year.

This year – as in the previous year – due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the entrance examination was conducted on the basis of the examination requirements announced in December 2020, and not on the basis of the requirements stipulated in the General Core Curriculum. education. The examination requirements constitute a narrow catalog of the requirements specified in the baseline.

High school graduates had to take three written exams at the basic level: in Polish, mathematics and a modern foreign language. High school graduates also had to take one written test at the Extended Level, the so-called for an additional subject or of your choice. Volunteers can take a maximum of six exams at the Extended Level.

This year, for the first time, graduates of a four-year technical secondary school and graduates of a second-cycle industry school were not obliged to take an exam in one subject at the expanded level, if they met all the conditions for obtaining a diploma confirming professional qualifications or a professional diploma in the profession taught at the level Advanced technical level.

In addition, students from national minority schools had to take a mandatory written test in their mother tongue at the primary level.

As last year, there were no mandatory oral examinations. Only high school graduates who needed an oral exam result when they entered universities abroad got it.

In order to pass the high school leaving examination, you must obtain at least 30% of the compulsory subjects passed at the basic level. Points can be earned. In the case of electives taken at the advanced level, there is no credit limit.

269,490 high school graduates this year (general secondary schools, technical secondary schools and industrial schools of the second cycle) and 34 graduates – citizens of Ukraine who came to Poland due to the conflict of the armed forces on the territory of that state. This year, 229,045 of this year’s high school graduates, or 85 percent of this year, passed their high school diploma.

Just as in previous years, this year’s graduates also took graduate students from previous years. Among them were people who decided to take a test or exams that had not been passed in previous years, to take a test in a new subject or to take a test taken earlier in order to improve its result.

The results obtained in the matura exam are the basis for registration for studies.

CKE announced the final results of the matura . tests

CKE announced the final results of the matura . tests

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