More and more people infected with COVID-19 in Gorzow Hospital

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There are more patients infected with the coronavirus at the district multi-specialty hospital in Gorzow. On Tuesday, November 2, there were 36 patients in the infectious disease ward, 25 of whom had not been vaccinated. There are a total of 6 people in intensive care – all unvaccinated, and the most affected by COVID-19.

An increasing number of patients infected with COVID-19 are attending the infectious disease ward of the district multi-specialty hospital in Gorzow. On Friday, November 2, 36 people infected with coronavirus were detained in Gorzow Hospital, of whom 25 were not vaccinated. However, there are a total of 6 people in intensive care – all patients are non-immunized people and suffer from COVID-19 the most.

I thought I might get sick sooner or later. Before that I had rarely gotten sick, and had no complaints about my condition or my immunity, so I didn’t get vaccinated. I relied on the fact that my body is strong enough that even if I get sick, the disease will be mild. Otherwise happened. I can hardly remember the early days of being hospitalized – says 30-year-old Marta, who spent 11 days in the Covid ward. The decision to vaccinate was also constantly postponed by Teresa Włodarkiewicz. – I still think I have more important things on my mind. I thought the disease did not concern me. Now, as soon as I get vaccinated – says Mrs. Theresa.

– Among the patients affected by the fourth wave of the epidemic, unvaccinated people dominate, so we plead: dear, get vaccinated – confirms Katarzina Barna, Deputy Director of Nursing at the Provincial Multidisciplinary Hospital in Gorzow.

As of November, Gorzow Hospital had 50 beds for coronavirus patients and 10 beds in the intensive care unit. From November 2, the number of infectious control beds has been increased to 90.

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