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Lunar eclipses, Jupiter’s duo and a natural satellite, “star meteors” will make for amazing November nights. However, it is worth paying attention to the site. The best view of sky phenomena is outside the city, where there is less artificial light, which certainly disturbs the visual experience. When is it worth looking at? sky?

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Lunar eclipse 2022. When?

total eclipse the moon It happens up to three times a year. It can be seen when a satellite enters the shadow field cast by the Earth. Then they are covered and turn a bloody red-orange color.

This phenomenon will occur on November 8 at 12:03 CEST – reported by NASA. It will take about 40 minutes. Unfortunately, it will not be visible in Europe. Residents of the United States, Canada, Australia and the Northeast have a chance to like it Russia And the new Zealand. In Poland, we may only observe a partial eclipse.

Moon conjunctions. Natural satellites will not obscure Jupiter

There will also be an engagement in November. It is a phenomenon in which celestial bodies are aligned from the observer’s point of view in one line – often two or three planets or planets with the Moon.

On November 4, around 5:00 p.m., the duo created by the moon will appear above the horizon Jupiter. Things will gradually get closer to each other – on November 5, around 1 will appear in one line.

The phenomenon will be clearly visible through a small binoculars. It must last as long as both celestial bodies are above the horizon. “The moon will follow BennySo it should be very clear. However, Jupiter is still far from the opposition, so the moonlight will not completely obscure it ”- Urania portal reports.

The other conjunction will occur after 18:00 on November 11th. This time, Mars will meet the Moon.

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Leonid Swarm, or “Meteor Night”

Another phenomenon worth admiring is the Leonid Swarm, or meteor, which is active from November 10 to 23. The peak of this phenomenon is November 17/18 every year. The speed of the “star meteor” in the atmosphere reaches 72 kilometers for a second.

Most meteors are seen in the second part of the night and in the morning. Look for it on the northeast horizon. Radiant, the place from which rock fragments fly, is located near the quadruple star Gamma Leonis in the constellation Leo.

Lydia are particles of material ejected from Comet 55P/Tempel-Tuttle – a member of the Halley-type comet. It approaches the sun every 33 years.

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