Montreal Comic Con |  Kickoff in costume

Elf ears, styrofoam arms and hairy mascots rubbed shoulders in the corridors of the Palais des Congrès for the first day of Montreal Comicon, drawing crowds. are unattractive Exciting.

Thousands of spectators paraded around the Montreal Comic Con in downtown Montreal on Saturday afternoon. About 65,000 people are expected to attend the three-day event, now in its 14th year.e This year’s edition.

The main objective of the conference? “Meet other nerds and have fun together,” said Amber Helliger, who started her third ComicCon with her boyfriend, Jake Landry. The young lady explained that the event gives geeks a chance to make connections. “We have a lot of common interests and it’s easy to get along,” Jake Landry added

Photo by Marika Vachon, The Press

Amber Helliger was dressed as an angel next to her boyfriend Jake Landry, whose outfit was inspired by a video game. fall and transparency Star Wars.

For Julian Ibanez, who hopes to work in the video game industry in the future, Montreal Comic Con is a dream come true. “It’s important for me to learn about the profession, so I’m going to see a group on video game scriptwriting later,” says the young man, who spent the day with his girlfriend Anna.

Fun for the whole family

For Geneviève Bouchard, Montreal Comiccon is a perfect opportunity to have fun with the family. “What I love most is spending time here with my kids,” she said.

Within minutes, about ten passers-by stopped to take photos of Genevieve Bouchard and her son, who were dressed in video game-inspired outfits. fall. “We’re used to it, it’s actually a popular video game,” Mom said with a smile on her face.

Mark Samson attended his tenth ComicCon dressed as Hawkman, a character from the DC Comics franchise. “I tried to make mechanical wings, but I didn’t make it in time!”, he said, adding that it took almost a year to make his costume.

Photo by Marika Vachon, The Press

Mark Samson participated in his tenth Comicon this year

The unattractive The 61-year-old is obsessed with retro comic book character costumes, which he creates year after year. “Mostly, it’s the parents who come with their children who recognize me and take pictures with me,” he asserted.

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