March 22, 2023


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Moldova.  Chisinau: Thousands of pro-Russian protesters closed the center

Moldova. Chisinau: Thousands of pro-Russian protesters closed the center

According to a statement issued by the Moldovan police, they distinguished among the demonstrators “instigatorsIncluding the palace. They also called on the authorities in the country to take measures to contain inflation.

As of Sunday evening, the services wrote the personal details of more than 60 people who made police work difficult or provoked police officers during the demonstration.

Despite previous statements about the peaceful nature of the protest Thousands of protesters blocked the main arteries in Chisinau for several hoursWhat led to Traffic chaos in the capital.

The Moldovan police stated that “the demonstrators obstructed the movement of public transport and emergency vehicles, including ambulances.”

According to Moldovan President Mai Sandu Demonstrations in Chisinau, regularly led by a party founded by pro-Russian politician Ilan Seurat, are crippling the country’s most important institutions. The protests were described as part of a mixed war waged by Moscow against the democratic authorities in Moldova.

At the end of October, the Washington Post, citing sources in the Ukrainian and Western intelligence services, wrote that Ilan Sur He is an alleged agent of the Russian FSB, heir to the KGB.

Documents of the Ukrainian services, which the newspaper reads, prove that the 35-year-old Sur, who is hiding from the Moldovan dimension to sue in Israel, takes over with a group of his comrades. Acts of deliberately escalating tensions in Chisinau.

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