February 4, 2023


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MOL acquires Lotos Stations.  Apotek: There is no danger

MOL acquires Lotos Stations. Apotek: There is no danger

Obajtek indicated that the Orlen Group is ready to stop Russian oil imports. However, he says, coordination must be made across the EU in order to maintain market balance and fair competition.

Otherwise, it may lead to a situation in which we stop buying, but we will continue in, for example, German refineries partially owned by the Russians. As a result, products based on cheap, but undesirable raw materials from us will reach the market anyway. To prevent this, the Prime Minister proposed introducing a tax on Russian oil supplies at the EU level. Then we will have market equilibrium and fair competition – said PKN Chairman Orlen.

Obajtek confirmed that Orlen’s fuel supply was and remains adequate. In his opinion, in the long run, their prices will stabilize at a level acceptable to consumers. – It has to happen, just because the longer we deal with high prices, the faster demand will fall and will eventually balance out with supply – Chief Orlen assesses.

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MOL will take over Lotos . stations

– First, the European Commission has decided that we have to sell Lotus plants as part of a four-year process. If we don’t do it now, everything will have to start over. Secondly, why should we be afraid of the Hungarians and not the Germans, for example, who are in no hurry to limit the import of raw materials from Russia. MOL is not a Russian company. In addition, the Hungarians were in Poland for a long time through about 80 stations of the Slovak subsidiary Slovnaft. Please also note that there are about 8000 in Poland. station. MOL will buy a small percentage of the market. It was assessed that this was not a threat to Poland.

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He added that Orlen is also a believer in right of first refusal, if MOL wants to sell stations in Poland to another company. – In addition, we signed a fuel supply contract for the sold stations. It should also be noted that several Orlen and Lotos stations operate in tandem. If we don’t sell it, some of these facilities will have to be closed after the merger, There would be no economic justification for such a working network. We will not only close them, but also get 200 MOL stations in Slovakia and Hungary, which have an operating profit similar to those 400. We are also negotiating the purchase of more stations and will soon give more details about this – confirmed the head of Orlen.