MMA.  FEN 36. Sensaga, Paul lost his belt!  Painful defeat for Marcin Wojcic

Sensation of the second main battle of the evening FEN 36 in Szczecin! Marcin Wójcik (14-8) lost the championship belt to Eder De Souza (19-7).

Maciej Zumowski

Marcin Wajke

WP SportoweFakty / Krzysztof Porębski / Pictured: Marcin Wójcik

At stake was the Light Heavyweight Belt Championship, Fight Exclusive Night. The representative of Poland was the obvious favourite.

Marcin Wojcic has been the FEN Champion since November 2020, when he defeated Adam Kowalski by technical knockout. Earlier, Rafai smashed Kijachuk the same way in the second batch of fight. Among others, Thomas Kondraciuk, Michai Vijaka and Marcin Zazars have not found a way to beat them throughout their careers.

Eder de Souza showed himself by an excellent side during the Seaside Battles Dziwnów gala, when he defeated Wojciech Janusz in the first round. In 2019, he fought two fights and won both of them – in the first he defeated Santos Gomez in the first batch, and in the second, he gave up Askar Mwaro.

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Pole boldly attacked in the first push. He hit the opponent with his elbow and wanted to end the fight under the net. Time ran out.

The duel ended in the second round. First, the Brazilian hit the opponent with a powerful blow, after which the pole fell on the boards. On the ground floor, Souza moved through his position and buttoned Prabhu’s throttle.

Wójcik finally lost consciousness and the judge stopped the quarrel. The newcomer became the master of the new organization!

In the evening fight of FEN 36, Mateusz Rubecki will take on the sixth defense of the lightweight championship title. His opponent will be Felipe Maya.

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