March 28, 2023


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MIT researchers came up with the idea to replace lighting with ... plants

MIT researchers came up with the idea to replace lighting with … plants

MIT researchers have discovered a way to create plants that illuminate the surrounding environment. The first fruits of this idea were created in December 2017, but now, after almost four years, the possibility of creating plants that emit enough light to illuminate a work space, for example, an office, has been improved. Engineers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology report that their plants can be charged with LED lights in just 10 seconds and can glow 10 times more than the first generation of these plants. It only lasts a few minutes, but it can be so It is recharged practically all the time.

Michael Strano of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology said the team wanted to create a plant that could simultaneously absorb, store and emit them thanks to certain molecules. According to him, current research is a big step towards creating an actual plant lighting. These nanoparticles that will enhance the possibilities of light may be used, as well as use, among others, with luciferase, an enzyme found, for example, in fireflies.

When it comes to many interesting scientific studies, scientists have recently discovered why the earliest galaxies appeared 12 billion years ago no longer formed. In turn, the Chinese made an important step in the space race – the Chinese mission set a record in terms of obtaining Smallest substance from the moon.

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