Missile attack in Crimea.  Two ferries were damaged

The damage to the ferries was reported by the so-called Minister of Transport of Crimea, Nikolai Lukashenko, who stated that Ukrainian forces attacked transport infrastructure facilities in Kerch in eastern Crimea.

Continued article below the video

Rocket attack on Kerch

“While repelling a hostile attack on transport infrastructure facilities in the city of Kerch, two ferries – a car and a railway ferry – were damaged by fragments of dropped missiles – and the windows of the superstructure were damaged. There were no casualties among sailors or civilians. After assessing the damage, traffic will be resumed on the crossing Phrase”.

The Ukrainska Pravda website reported that after a series of explosions, the Russians briefly closed traffic on the bridge crossing the Kerch Strait, which begins in Kerch. The portal also wrote that nearly 20 explosions were heard in the city.

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