Mishaw Kotersky and 23-year-old Dagmara Bryzek radiate love at the Polish premiere of the James Bond movie (photos)

Mikai Kotersky and Dagmara Bryzek They met a few months ago on the set of a movie Where the devil cannot, send the childwhere they both play. The couple have been dating since August, the film director said about it. Since then, lovers no longer hide their love for each other.

Don’t miss these reports Marcela Leszackex girlfriend Michik KoterskySo is the mother of his son Frederick, Who occasionally throws up little annoyances in the past. This, however, stated that If his son had asked him to do this, he would have gone back to his former partner:

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Even if I struggle with Marcela, I will do it for my son – He said in one of the interviews.


It looks like now Frederick He never made such a request to my father, because dummy Still 23 years old Dagmara. Moreover, the couple often appears in public at industry events, such as the Polish Film Festival in Gdynia.

this time Mickey and Dagmara They were guests at the Polish premiere of the latest James Bond movie It is not time to die. The lovers stood together on the wall and the cuddly photojournalists smiled. On this day, they focused on elegant style with a small exception. Dagmara decided to match the dress with … sneakers.

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