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Who is Suna Gorman? Turkish soap opera “”As the end draws near, the surprises in its final episodes do not diminish. “Mucize Doktor” will now have the look of the said character, played by Ada Mina Küçük, who will reveal an excellent paternal secret to give a little more drama to the finale of the series starring Ali Wafa (Taner lmez). (Sinem Ünsal), Ferman (Onur Tuna) and (Hasal Duresan), among others.

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The This is one of the most watched shows to say goodbye to the logo screen. Adaptation of the story “Good doctor”, A South Korean product released in 2013 and has many global adaptations.

One of the most popular versions “Good doctor“, Still airing American product. And, in the same way,”The Miracle Doctor”Has been one of the most successful adaptations to compete with others Turkish soap operas Liked by the public.

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In this way, Ottoman fiction focuses on the young surgeon Ali Wafa, Who have been diagnosed Sage Syndrome, Which is associated with autism spectrum disorders. The doctor has the ability to deal with risky situations, but his dealings with his co-workers are very personal, which can lead to rejection by his co-workers in the first place. Hospital Berhayat.

Ali Wefa began his acting career at the age of 23 with Taner olmez, “Doctor Miracle”. (Photo: MF Yapim)

What role will Suna Gorman play in “Doctor Milagro”?

The character of They are German, By explanation Damn Mina is small, Will reach the final chapters “The Miracle DoctorTo surprise the public with a fact known to some: her daughter Tanju Korman (Murad Ijen). The girl’s health is very complicated and she enters Perhayam.

But along the way, many questions arise about the secret that Gorman had about his daughter, unknown to anyone in the hospital. What motivated Tanju not to go into so much detail about her life?

So, Ada Mina’s character will add more drama to the effect of the Turkish soap opera airing in Argentina. Telef. As the storyline nears its end, it remains to be seen how the protagonists will end up Ali Wafa y Nusli, But it will resolve relationships Ferman and Belize, As well as Muhsin y Gulin.

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Who is Ada Mina Coke?

Turkish actress Ada Mina Küçük is 8 years old And has already been active in television related productions. Izmir’s native starred in a commercial in 2019, he was only 6 years old, and then he was a part of the series. “Burning”. Similarly, he is one of the actors “The sin of a mother”With the character of Zehra.

What is the time of “Dr. Milacro” in Argentina?

Turkish Series “The Miracle Doctor “ It is broadcast in Argentina via Telefay signal. This TV channel, as a strategy for evaluation, changed the timing of Ali Wafa’s story, now from Monday to Friday 9:30 pm local time, Then “Telef News“And before”Shoot Argentina”.

These are all versions of the successful Turkish novel "Dr. Miracle"
Dr. Milagro is one of the most popular Turkish novels internationally. However, the original story of the play emerged in Korea. Did you know that there are four adaptations of this series to date? Here we tell you what they are.

Will Telef broadcast the conclusion of “Dr. Milacro” in November?

At first, it was said that the provisional date would end “Doctor Miracle” November 8th. The medical drama, one of the most watched shows on Telef in Argentina, now has only two episodes to complete its story, which will be watched in five episodes on that channel.

Fox in Turkey said goodbye to the series with a statement. “We are coming to the end of our story where people with autism have the right to live like all of us”, The announcement confirmed the Turkish chain. “He grew up, prospered, fulfilled his dreams, we laughed with him, we cried with him, we remember what it means to be human.”, That channel is over “It’s time to dump her and move on. “.

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