Minimum wage 2022 - net account.  Increase in a month - not just the lowest salary [1.12.21]

Increase the minimum wage in a month. According to the government’s decision, the minimum wage in Poland will increase by a total of PLN 210 from 2022. But that’s not all – as a result of tax changes under the “Polish deal” program, salaries for those with lower incomes will increase. How will this translate to the 2022 minimum wage and other sample wages? We present the net accounts in the fair.

of the new year Poland’s minimum wage will rise to a total of 3010 PLN. The minimum hourly wage will be from January 2022 PLN 19.70.00 has increased. But there are also changes in wages and salaries for those with higher wages. Thanks a lot for introducing the Polish Deal.

Cabinet regulation regarding minimum wages in 2022:

As of January 1, 2022, the minimum wage for work is PLN 3010. As of January 1, 2022, the minimum hourly wage is PLN 19.70.

Check how the net salaries of Poles are affected by the tax changes provided for by the “Polish Łada”.

Accounts available in the gallery:

Salary increase to a total of 3010 PLNThat the employee will receive about 2,210 PLN “on hand” under the current rules. However, if we calculate the bonus taking into account tax changes as part of the “Polish system”, then the minimum net salary will amount to more than 2,363.56 PLN.

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