Mini Majk brags that he pressures Paulina when she doesn’t want to have sex.  Netizens are angry: ‘Remember, you can always say no’

mini magic Today he is one of the most popular Polish YouTube creators. The 27-year-old’s arrival on social media brought the 27-year-old’s films filmed with other members of the crew, and Matthew Krzynovsky – It’s his real name – He can brag One and a half million people watch his YouTube channel.

secretly mini magic Meet with lesser known on social media – Polina Kosowska. Spouses willingly share their daily lives by reporting them on the web. It is not always good for them. Some time ago, Polina, who was 7 years younger, blamed her lover for speaking incorrectly about her in the video recorded on YouTube. Internet users also added their own data, accusing the girl of being with an influential figure only for the sake of money.

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Now the steam is high again. In the latest video posted on YouTube Kozłowska and Mini Majk They rate each other, and give themselves points, among other things, for appearance, style or … sexual performance.

It was this question that divided the fans. Mini Magic somehow admitted itForcing her partner to have sex.

Will I be honest? I give 7. I have different fantasies and you’re fired. I don’t want to offend you. Could be better – He said mini magic.

I am lazy. Sometimes I don’t feel like it. I often feel very tired and dream of falling asleep, and Majcl does not dream of sleeping. And then I don’t feel like it – Paulina replied who awarded the partner 9 points.

Majkl tries to fight stubbornly to the end and does not give up The 27-year-old said visibly arrogant.

Critical opinions about celebrity behavior were sprinkled in the comments. As fans write, mini magic Not only should he not act this way, but he should also not brag about such practices in the film, knowing that it is watched by thousands of young viewers. There are also voices that appreciate Paulina’s patience.

I don’t know how Magk behaves on a daily basis, but if he is like here, I feel sorry for Paulina and at the same time I admire that she put up with him so much time; Paulina, remember that You can say “no” without any regrets. Moreover, forcing a person to have sexual intercourse is rape, and it also happens in relationships! – We read in the comments under the film.

Little man, big ego.

Oh my God, what a bottom! I wouldn’t be with him for any millions of this world :/

What did she see in it?

You want money and he wants sex. Barter arrangement.

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Having sex with Karl Em doesn’t even have to do hallucinogens for $100,000

Oh God, money rules!

The dumbest thing about the rhyme is that their potential children will also be Carlett because Onetem brakxhromisomuptzensi

I feel sorry for Majka. He thinks she loves him, and she brazenly uses him for fame and money. He just wants to be happy and have something like a lollipop in the package, he has, he can see it, not taste it.

Unfortunately, a man must have money because character does not attract

Nothing is free, she wanted to pay for a trip, so don’t be surprised

Mother never any disgusting.

Translate from female to Polish: “I am tired and I dream of sleeping” = I want to have sex with Chad, and I am with you only for money.

It’s getting harder with a woman, let one go out into the streets, and this creature is in the intensive care unit

It made me feel as sick as I imagined it. For any money in the world, I wouldn’t be with that type.

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