Mines have a problem. Power plants need less coal.

Polska Grupa Górnicza (PGG) is struggling With the problem of excess carbon Dedicated to the energy sector. The company asked its customers to specify their demand for raw materials precisely. PGG President Leszek Petraszek emphasizes that knowledge of contractors’ needs in a five-year perspective is of particular importance – reports WNP.PL.

Petraszek points out that there are investments in the mining industry. Not only are they expensive, they also last a long time. Therefore, accurate information about future coal demand is essential for strategic decision-making.

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Coal lies in piles. Call for intervention

The mining industry has been signaling since the end of last year. Difficulties in selling steam coal Especially fines and unionists from the Solidarity mining company sounded the alarm about the state energy companies not receiving the contracted coal and the lack of new contracts. The situation was exacerbated by the import of 20 million tons of coal, which led to a surplus of raw materials in dumping areas.

In a letter to Industry Minister Marzena Czarnicka, the unionists stressed that the failure of state energy companies to collect contracted coal from mines and the lack of new contracts for the extracted raw material It has led the industry into a very difficult situation.

Solidarity Mining Company has asked Minister Czarnicka to take immediate action to enable the sale of coal from mine tailings to Polish power plants, heat and power plants and district heating. The unionists recall that when there was a recent coal shortage in Poland, the government imported large quantities of raw materials into the country, bypassing quality control of imported coal.

There may be a shortage of fuel coal.

Despite the surplus of thermal coal, the Polish Chamber of Coal Sellers warns of it Possible shortage of coal fuel For households. Coal collected in landfills is mainly intended for heating and power, and is not suitable for use in domestic heating installations, explains Lukas Horbach, Chairman of the PIGSW Board of Directors.

Horbach emphasizes that several million tons of coal in landfills is not fuel coal, but is mainly soft coal intended for the heating and power sectors. According to the current coal quality standards, this product cannot be sold for combustion in heating facilities with a capacity of less than 1 megawatt, including homes.

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