Millions of Poles received a hole from ZUS.  The institution explains when you need a self-assessment

In February, ZUS completed sending several million PIT forms to recipients who had received a benefit provided by ZUS at least once in the past year, eg some people have to settle their accounts with the tax office themselves or wait until May 2 for the tax office to do so on their behalf. This applies to people who have overpaid taxes.

Who has to level the hole on their own and why?

Not all pensioners and retirees have been settled by the ZUS with the Tax Office. I remind you of that People who have overpaid taxes, ZUS does not settle. Such people can file a tax return themselves or wait until May 2 for the office to do it for them – explains Beata Kupczynska, regional press secretary of the Social Insurance Institution of the Silesian Voivodeship, in a letter sent to the Biznesinfo editorial office.

To ascertain whether ZUS has done a tax settlement on our behalf or whether we have to do it ourselves, You should check out the PIT we received from ZUS. If it is a PIT-40A, the beneficiary does not have to file a tax return with his tax office, unless he wants to take advantage of the deductions to which he is entitled. However, in the case when the form received is PIT-11A or PIT-11, the taxpayer may independently file a tax return with the tax office or wait until the already mentioned May 2, 2022. Then, the tax office will accept the previous year’s PIT-37 tax return that was automatically generated in your e-PIT service.

Pit after the deceased husband – how to get it?

Social Security reminds you of that If someone needs a PIT form from a deceased spouse, they must report to the ZUS on their own to issue such a document. withThe ex officio tax office does not file lost income tax returns after the death of a spouse. If you wish to settle income from a deceased spouse jointly, you must submit an application in writing or in person to the Foundation for the issuance of such a tax refund. said the spokeswoman.

ZUS’s PIT can also be downloaded online

to download the form Log in to your profile on the PUE ZUS platform. The PIT can be found in the Patron panel, on the PIT Forms tab.

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