"Millionaires".  What can you do with spirulina?  The question drowned the participant

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Hubert Urbansky The audience gathered in the studio, the viewers in front of the television sets, and the contenders for the struggle for one million zlotys welcomed the words: “A short introduction to the game Million. Exclusion, mini biography and here we go! Then go on to read the removal task, which was:

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You coped the fastest challenge Natalia Krulikowskathat put together The answers are in the correct order a, d, b, c. The participant came to the studio.MillionairesFrom ód, a literary professor, lecturer and journalist. The program included her partner Marek, who declared that he would be her loyal support. After a short introduction, Hubert Urbansky read First question for PLN 500, Which opened the game:

Not knowing the answer to this question, and not wanting to risk dropping out of the program at such an early stage, the player requested to use the first lifebuoy.Which became a “question for the audience”.

“Millionaires”. The participant used two lifebuoys in the first question

The audience cited options C (50%) and D (31%) as the most likely answers. Natalia Krulikowska admitted that before she asked about the first of the three lifebuoys, she chose option (d) as the correct answer, because that was what her intuition was telling. After a moment of reflection, I asked…for the second lifebuoy and chose the “50 of 50” option. After using it, options A and C remain on the board. This time Natalia Królikowska decided to trust the choice made by the audience and Mark finally answer C. It turned out to be a good move and allowed her to hear the question with her first guaranteed amount in the form of a thousand. zloty.

As the saying goes: Casimir the Great found a wooden Poland …

A. dechami pozabijaną

B. It is greatly underestimated

C – moldy in some places

I left it ruined

This time, Natalia Krulikowska had no problem answering and She made the right choice efficiently d. Question about 2000 reading PLN:

Spirulina, which is a cyanobacteria, can be:

A. Feed

B is infected.

C. poison

D. Tie

You can find the rest of the article below the video:

The post initially stated that the term “cyano” referred to the toxic properties of spirulina in her opinion, but then added that she also associated that name with the food industry. Fearing to be thrown out of the game, Natalia Krulikowska decided to use the last lifebuoy, “a phone call to a friend.” Her brother Cuba came to help, and he said that in his opinion the correct answer was (c). This confirmed her in the right choice.. Unfortunately, Natalia Krulikowska and her brother were wrong about that The correct answer was option A. As Hubert Urbański explained, spirulina is not toxic and can be eaten because it contains vitamins, amino acids, minerals and more than 100 other nutrients.

“Millionaires”. The issue of signs of behavior has been settled by the new hand

After the end of the struggle of Natalia Krulikowska in the “Millionaires”, for which she was guaranteed 1000. PLN, Hubert Urbański passed to the other candidates of the players and read them the task of elimination, which was:

The correct order of B, D, A, C was indicated by Radosław Budziszewski the fastestwhom the host of “Millionaires” invited to sit in front of him. The player graduated in history from the University of Wroclaw, but currently works as a trader. The question he heard about the PLN 500 was:

Radosław Budziszewski quickly Mark the correct answer C He moved to the question with a guaranteed amount of one thousand. zloty.

American aloe vera is a plant only once in its life:

A. bloom

B. takes water

C. Leaves sprouting

D. Performs photosynthesis

The player was unsure of the answer to a question, in his own words, about the aloe vera plant He asked about the first lifebuoy, choosing “Ask the Audience”. The assembled audience (mostly in percent of the vote) indicated that the correct answer for agave is option A. Radosław Budziszewski asked to mark this answer and moved smoothly to question number three. Hubert Urbański explained that cacti bloom only once after dozens or even dozens of years, and die after sowing seeds.

Radosław Budziszewski revealed that he was concerned about participating in the program and despite the fact that he initially declined answers A and C, he decided to use a second lifebuoy, which was “Friend’s phone”. Kępno’s Jacek appeared on the other side of the phone, who chose D for the correct answer without hesitation and stated that he was absolutely sure that this answer was correct. The player asked to mark the answer D, thanks to which there were two thousand. zloty. Question for 5000 reading PLN:

The player had no doubts about this question and asked about it Final choice of answer dThis ensured him the opportunity to continue fighting for the million. The fifth question Radosław Budziszewski heard was:

At the latest, around 1900, Europeans discovered the presence of:

a. Bison


C. zeb

Dr.. the black

Without explaining his decision, he silently took the player after a few moments He asked for a final determination of answer “b”, which was definitely a good move. After this answer, the “Millionaires” studio heard a signal announcing the end of the Wednesday version of the game show.

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