A massive fire has almost completely destroyed a 16-storey apartment tower in Milan, northern Italy. There is no information about any infected person yet. 70 families were evacuated from the building. The structure of the building may have been damaged.

You can even see the fire and clouds of smoke from the distant neighborhoods of Milan. 17 firefighters arrived at the site.

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It is not yet known what caused the fire, which quickly spread to the entire building, which is more than 60 meters high, located in the southern part of the city.

70 apartments vacated

The mayor of the capital, Lombardy, Giuseppe Sala, has arrived, and there are also prosecutors. The first results show that the fire broke out in an apartment on the fifteenth floor and spread rapidly.

People from 70 apartments were quickly evacuated.

The building, known as the Moreau Tower, which was built in 2011, has two underground levels.

Firefighters are trying to reach all apartments and floors to make sure no one is trapped inside.

The mayor of Sala said firefighters reported several cars burned in garages.

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