Microsoft x Unity is official!  Companies start Azure-related collaboration

Microsoft is still struggling to acquire Activision, but that does not mean that the Redmond giant is not interested in cooperating with other companies. As mentioned by Sarah Bond on the Microsoft blogUnity has chosen Microsoft’s platform – Azure – as its cloud-based play development partner.

Unity decided to collaborate with Microsoft, which will result in the use of Azure – a cloud platform. As Sarah Bond has admitted, both sides are very keen on creating and supporting real-time 3D experiences using the Unity graphics engine.

Thanks to the cooperation, developers using this technology will be able to take advantage of different types of facilities that will allow faster and more enjoyable publishing of their projects on Xbox consoles and PCs:

By giving developers easy access to RT3D simulation tools and the ability to create digital-to-real places and things, Unity provides developers an easy path to producing RT3D assets for both the games and other video game worlds. To support this development, developers need a technology infrastructure that is as dynamic and innovative as it is. One such solution is Azure, built with security and global scalability in mind, already supporting some of the world’s largest gaming projects and leveraging this battle-proven experience to deliver RT3D experiences to all industries. Unity and Microsoft are working to create a creative cloud that enables 3D artists to create and run these experiences in Azure.

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