Michniewicz wants to play hard in the World Cup.  His dream team will write the Polish national team

The past weeks and months were for fans Poland national team Nervous and amazing. The resignation of Paulo Sousa, the exclusion of Russia from further competition, several injuries after the match with Scotland – it all means ahead of the play-offs with Sweden There were more questions than answers. But Michniwich He managed to submit Poland to the World Cup.

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Michniewicz aimed at journalists. “Cards in his row”

A funeral rather than a big holiday. Michniewicz: I was completely broken

Poland advanced to the World Cup

The Poles played a very good and above all effective match with Sweden (2:0). He hits Robert Lewandowski And the Piotr Zieliński In the match at Silesia Stadium in Chorzov, they secured promotion to this year world Cup in Qatar.

He was the father of this success Ceslav MichenewiczWho had little time to put all his ideas into practice. Fortunately, everything went according to plan, and the reward was the opportunity to play for the best national teams in the world.

Michniewicz has revealed who he would like to play with at the World Cup

After the match with Sweden, Michniewicz gave several interviews. In one of them, on the air Bolsato Sport He answered the journalist’s question about the white and red goal for the World Cup. – Coach Piechniczek called me and congratulated me on my success, and also noted his work. He wished to improve his achievement and Kazimierz Gorski who is more than 3rd place. I thanked him, and he said he believed in us, but that would definitely be very difficult. However, it is worth dreaming, anything can happen in sports – said Mukhtar.

Michniewicz also revealed who he would like to achieve in the group stage of this year’s World Championships. – I dream of playing with Argentina. I’ve been cheering for them since I was little, and as a coach I’d love to face them – he added. The selector pointed out other competitors on Twitter. He wrote that he would like to play with the United States and Cameroon.

Robert Lewandowski, Jan Bednarek and Kamel Celik after winning the Poland-Sweden matchFIFA will make a change at the World Cup Finals in Qatar. Great news for coaches

The draw for the group stage of the 2022 World Cup will take place in Doha, on April 1 at 6 pm. The white and red players went to the third basket.

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