Michniewicz explains the defeats in Legia.  Reveal many details of football

Czeslav Michenewicz was kicked out of Legia Warsaw In October last year. Under his leadership, the Warsaw club began to record one of the worst series in the history of the performance of this club in the league. Currently, Ligia is in the drop zone. At first, Michniewicz was saved by the results in the European Cups, where he defeated, among others, Slavia Prague, Leicester City and Spartak Moscow. But in the end, he had to say goodbye to his job.

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“Emreli won’t play in the Legion anymore. He trusted the wrong people”

TVP made a decision. It is known what match will be shown in the 20th round of the league

Michniewicz answered Mioduski. This problem will repeat itself.

A lot of things went wrong. September and October were crucial for us and I am so sorry for that. But many things worked well. It was a wonderful time for me. I think for the fans to a certain extent, too. Of course, we fell into a depression and it is possible to discuss what is missing. I think that a club like Legia will analyze in detail that the problem is not only the coach – Michniewicz said in “Hejt Park” on the sports channel, where he received a question about Legia from a fan.

At the beginning of December, the head of Legia, Dariusz Mioduski, made Michniewicz almost entirely responsible for the crisis in Legia. “I missed more details and details Dariush Miodowski Class. After all, the easiest way – this is the account of the owner Legia Warszawa – 90 percent of the blame for the club’s position on the dismissed coach, who, in addition, will have a muzzle in his mouth for more than half a year . special errors? As of an interview for a job in a company: “I am very ambitious, I hate to lose” – Posted on Sport.pl Dawid Szymczak. Michniewicz, who finally terminated the contract with Legia a few days ago, decided to refer to these words.

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– It was the most unpleasant thing ever. On my departure from Legia, I spoke to President Darius Miodowski and sporting director Cesare Kucharski after losing the match with Piast (1:4). This match didn’t work out at all, although we had some nice moments in the match. We just knocked down the lists and Piast scored. There were no indications that the president would say this. But suddenly this room appeared on Twitter. I didn’t listen to him, but the boss said the same thing. I was purely humane. It seemed to me that we were talking to the CEO on a good level. He may have had his assessment that it was from 90 to 10. But if the boss analyzed the problems, and the problem was only about the coach, then in a year or two the problem will repeat itself – he argued. new selector the acting.

Eric ExpositoSilesia Wroclaw is losing her star. There are some specific offers.

Michniewicz analyzed Legia’s problems. Fatigue and no alternatives

Next, Michniewicz embarked on a detailed analysis of the problems Legia faced during his tenure. We started the qualifiers very early. From the beginning of July until the end of August 15 games. Hot summer trips. There was a saying “not ready”. what does that mean? In July and August we were well prepared. Slavia Braga has been judged in the previous qualifying round Champions League and the Europa League as the best running team. We and Slavia play on equal terms at Prada, where we have had health problems. The problem starts when there are not enough players to replace them pi³karzy one for one. Partek Kapustka fell and the match collapsed. Yuranovic withdrew, which determined the dynamics. Earlier, we received very high expectations pi³ke. To do this, you must have very good runners.

After these words, Michniewicz went to the board and in the following minutes began to explain the tactical aspects of the Legia Warsaw crisis. The former Legia coach pointed out that the biggest problem was the fatigue of the players and a shortage of staff, which was difficult to replace. When Mladenovic couldn’t play, Michenović had an unprepared Ribeiro. As for the sold Joranovich, he acquired an unprepared Johansson, who was additionally a footballer with different characteristics. Michniewicz added problems with the left half stopwatch as well as the striker. According to Mitchnowitz, Mahir Emreli had trouble understanding the pressing assumptions that Czeslaw Mitchnowitz wanted to make. The coach also added that he has no substitute for Lokenhas, who is often fouled and increasingly tired. On the other hand, Josue came for Kapustka, whom Michniewicz rated as a great footballer, but who was also not ready at the time. Moreover, he was also supposed to be a footballer with different characteristics.

Legia Warsaw - Jagiellonia Bialystok match;  2020Romanian midfielder rejected Legia’s offer. “Polish agents did not understand this”

Legia did not recover from the crisis after leaving Michniewicz. Marek Gubivsky took charge of the team, and then Alexander Vukovich. Legia will start fighting to get out of the relegation zone on Friday, when he plays at home against Zagłębie Lubin.

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