February 1, 2023


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Michniewicz did not appear at the conference.  journalists ask.  The speaker explains the Polish team

Michniewicz did not appear at the conference. journalists ask. The speaker explains the Polish team

On Saturday there is a match against Saudi Arabia (2: 0), Sunday is free, and on Monday classes are only in the afternoon. Czesaw Michniewicz does not want to reveal all the cards. Two days before the match against Argentina, he finished training for media representatives. He also sent those with little chance of playing from Wednesday’s start to the press conference. Back-up assistants Damian Szymanski and Szymon Churkovsky Defender Matthew Wieteska. They quarter past noon 14 at the press center in Al Kharaitiyat, a small town on the outskirts of Doha, where the Polish national team is training in Qatar.

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Good news for Poland ahead of the decisive match against Argentina. It could not be better

First, the three of them looked at each other, and after a while Wieteska was the first to answer. Everyone was asked how they felt about sitting here – before the decisive match against Argentina – and not playing a single minute of the World Cup. There are 26 of us in this group. Each of us is definitely ready to play and help the team. At the end, the coach chooses eleven starts for the game. We are also fighting for composition. We are all a tight-knit team. We’re having a nice time together, said Wieteska, because it’s not like there are any groups. – I can only sign these words, – added Żurkowski after a moment.

Kwiatkowski got a question about Michniewicz. “Don’t look for holes in everything.”

Still, the Reserves’ presence in Monday’s conference was surprising. Was his decision not to attend the coach’s conference today? a reporter asked at some point. – Just and exclusively, – smiled Jakub Kwiatkowski. – And the fact of closing training is also the coach’s decision? Another question was asked. A staff spokesperson casually replied, “As usual.” – Then tell the coach that we miss him.

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– I will point out the fact that you are not building a strange story about closing training. If you look at the regulations, you will see that each team can close one practice before the game. We have training today and Tuesday. We play the most important game on Wednesday. We just want to make the most of the time we spend on the field, which is why classes are closed Mondays. And the selector is about to be ready. He’ll be at the official conference on Tuesday and you’ll be able to talk to him there. That’s why I appeal not to look for loopholes in everything, because there are no subtexts here – explained Kwiatkowski.

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Then they talked some more players. – everyone cheers for everyone. And it doesn’t matter if one of them plays, because what matters is that we win. This is the most important thing – stressed Żurkowski. – We didn’t manage to play a single minute, but if we had the chance, we would definitely be ready, – added Szymański.

Poland after two matches He is the leader of Group C. He has four points. To qualify for the 1/8 finals – without looking at the match between Mexico and Arabia – the Mishniowich team cannot lose to Argentina on Wednesday. The match starts at twenty.