Michniewicz defends the team.  "He is today the best tycoon in this position."  Polish national team

A soccer player who plays at the global level, with players from different countries, who wants to play at the same level as in the club. And that’s not possible – said Czeslaw Michenewicz on Polsat News’ Guest Events programme.

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The Poles’ work was exceptional, but it’s just a joke

The Poland coach referred in this way to the recent behavior of Robert Lewandowski. After the match with the Netherlands (0:2) at the National Stadium fans They paid attention to the attacker’s nervous gestures F.C.B.

Michniewicz’s son was hit by Paulo Sousa. “We won only with the blind”

Micniewicz defended Lewandowski and Krechowiak

Fans noted that Lewandowski is becoming increasingly frustrated Game The national team and the fact that there are not many chances to score goals in it. – In these most important matches he supported the team and helped. He made no gesture that could be misinterpreted – defended Michniewicz.

The limiter also defended Grzegorz Krychowiak. The youth midfielder has always been criticized for his poor form in matches with the Polish national team. – Grzegorz Krychowiak Today he is the best Polish player in this position – Michniewicz announced.

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And he concluded: – This is a specific position, you must have tremendous skills. I also prefer him to play more accurate or faster, but he has been playing that way for years in the national team. The Polish coach said that at the moment we don’t have anyone who can replace him.

the closest Game The Polish national team will play on November 16 at the National Stadium. Chile will be our opponent in the friendly match. It will be the last test before the World Cup where we will play against Mexico (22/11), Saudi Arabia (26/11) and Argentina (30/11).

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