Michał Probierz created a sensation with his design.  We know who set it up

Although the Polish team lost to the Netherlands 1-2, the prevailing mood among commentators is still optimistic. The Polish coach is also talked about in the context of his style. Western media also does not hide its admiration for the Polish image. Michel Proppers impressed everyone when he appeared in Hamburg In a perfectly tailored light suit with a checked jacket. As it turned out, Michal Kedzora was responsible for preparing his image concept for the UEFA Euro 2024, and described the background to its creation.

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Michał Probierz created a sensation with his design. We know who set it up

Michał Kędziora has been running his own blog, Mr Vintage, since 2009, where he introduces the intricacies of men’s fashion to thousands of readers in a realistic and accessible way. It is read by both teenagers and mature men. Over the course of four years, he established himself as an expert in the clothing field. The monthly “press” called him “the professor of men’s fashion.”Fashion Magazine awarded him the Best Blogger of 2013 award and he is the author of the book “Rzeczowo o modo men’s”.

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